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The Path Family Ministry-Preschool


The Path Family Ministry is a series of seminars designed to equip families with biblical tools as parents raise and disciple their children. 

From the beginning of life through high school graduation, families participate in these events and ceremonies to mark the path of their child's spiritual journey with the ultimate goal of launching mature followers of Christ.

Below are the seminars available to preschoolers and their parents. Please see Angela Cason for more information

The Path Seminar-Family Commitment

Seminars held in May & October

This seminar is led by Pastor Wade and Preschool Director, Angela Cason. The goal is to help parents understand the awesome responsibility to make much of Jesus in their home as they welcome a child. Participation in this seminar is required to take part in the Family Commitment Ceremony typically held on Mothers' Day and in the Fall.

Click HERE to register to attend the seminar and participate in the Family Commitment Ceremony.

The Path Seminar-Starting School

Seminars held in August

This seminar is led by Pastor Kevin and Preschool Director, Angela Cason. Parents will learn practical ways to prepare themselves and to give spiritual guidance to their children as they make this first big transition out into the world. This seminar is open to parents of children preparing for kindergarten and first grade.