Celebrate Recovery

Everyone has hurts, habits, and hangups. But few people have healing. We believe Jesus Christ heals and restores lives! Celebrate Recovery (CR) is Christ-centered, biblically-driven, and relationally-friendly. CR deals with all sorts of sin issues such as depression, dependency on drugs and/or alcohol, pornography, low self-esteem, control issues, anxiety, anger, co-dependency, abuse, and more. 

Join us each Friday at 6 p.m. in the lobby as we meet for a time of worship, testimony, and teaching. 

Small groups meet on Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m.


If you have any questions or would like to serve in this ministry, please contact Pastor Jason at jason@longviewpoint.org or the church office at 662.449.1044.

The Landing

The Landing is a unique experience for teenagers in grades 7-12.  This is an ongoing 52 week program based on the beatitudes.  The Landing is a place for those who struggle to live their lives in a healthy, God-honoring way.  The Landing gives tools to teenagers who are dealing with real life struggles in their homes, schools, and lives.  It provides a way to share about things like being trapped by the past, hurts, guilt, or patterns of bad decisions.  The Landing is a safe and healthy place to learn to live a freer, healthier Christ-centered life.   So if you are a teenager who is in grades 7-12, and want to know just how to handle the struggles of your life, then join us EVERY Friday night at 6pm.