Our mission

Here at Longview Point, we are passionate about our mission:

Expanding His Kingdom Across the Street and Around the World

We have a plan in place for Expanding the Kingdom of God for the glory of His great Name.

First, we want to introduce people to Jesus. When a person hears the Gospel and is saved they become Kingdom Citizens.

Second, we want to make Kingdom Connections. As people study God's Word together, live life together, and serve together, they will grow into faithful followers of Christ.

Third,  we want to build Kingdom Families. We envision our homes being Kingdom outposts that shine brightly for Jesus in our community.

Fourth, we want to be a church of Kingdom Advance. We will constantly go and consistently send. We will carry the Good News to our neighbors and to the ends of the earth.

At the center of it all is the cross. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to all that we do!

Our logo

When it was time to revamp our logo, we wanted there to be meaning and purpose behind it. We wanted our church family to be able to share the Gospel and our mission using our logo. Check out the video below to see how our new logo tells our story.